10 – Vermouth botanicals

Vermouth botanicals

- Dr. Maria Teresa Della Beffa

Turin Academy of Agriculture

Dr. Maria Teresa Della Beffa, associated with the CNR Plant Protection Institute at the Botanical Garden of the University of Turin, and member of the Academy of Agriculture of Turin, masterfully illustrated a broad overview of the botanical species used in flavored wines. She distinguished between cultivable species and those that can only be harvested in nature, and she indicated the species native to the different continents and those present in Piedmont.

Among other things, Dr. Della Beffa brought attention to an important point, inviting to reflect on the fact that the plant used as a fundamental ingredient of Turin Vermouth, i.e. absinthe (in the species Artemisia absithium, Artemisia pontica and Artemisia Vallesiaca), is cultivated only in a small area of Piedmont. She then raised the problem of what could happen if, due to an unfortunate meteorological event, the production, concentrated in this small area, was lost. Are there measures to be taken? The same goes for the plant that is the historical basis of Barolo Chinato, the china calissaia which, if it cannot be said to be in danger of extinction, is nevertheless very close to being considered a rare plant.