“Vermouth di Torino PGI: Protection of Tradition and Quality”

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Convegno Grinzane
The Consortium of Vermouth di Torino, in collaboration with the Union of Vine and Wine Jurists (UGIVI), OICCE and the Turin Academy of Agriculture. held an important international conference at the Piedmont Regional Enoteca “Cavour”; in Grinzane, whose headquarters is the historic castle that was owned by the Cavour family. A very current topic was discussed: “Vermouth di Torino PGI: Protection of Tradition and Quality”.

An intense day’s work presented the close connection that exists between the history and tradition of Vermouth di Torino PGI and its specifications and the legal regulations that protect its reputation by defending producers and consumers.

You can also read a summary of the individual interventions here!

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Chapter library

1. Historical profile of the Vermouth di Torino
2. The Vermouth di Torino and its Production Specifications
3. The certification of Vermouth di Torino
4. The legal framework and The labelling of flavored wine products
5. The complex definition of “origin”: aromatized wines and geographical indications
6. Collective and certification marks: the activity of the Vermouth di Torino Consortium
7. The definition of aromas between legislation and jurisprudence
8. The protection of secret ingredients in aromatized wines
9. The botanicals of Vermouth: characteristics and applicable legislation
10. Vermouth botanicals
11. Approach to the formulation of an extract for the Vermouth di Torino
12. “Botanicals” and Vermouth: the legislation regarding botanical species