The Consortium of Vermouth di Torino

The Vermouth Consortium
Vermouth di Torino

The main purpose of the Consortium is the protection, promotion, valorization, supervision and general care of the interests of the "Vermouth di Torino" GI. The Consortium carries out with respect to all entities subject to the control of the "Vermouth di Torino" GI, activities of valorization and promotion of the denomination and related trademarks, activities of protection and care of the interests of the denomination and consumer information, supervisory activities as well as any other activity and/or function attributed, delegated or permitted by current regulations.

After more than two decades of work, the Consortium was born in 2019 at the behest of Vermouth producers who, aware of the need for regulation, together defined a production specification approved by the Decree of March 22, 2017, by which the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies regulated the geographical indication Vermut di Torino/Vermouth di Torino. The Vermouth of Turin Consortium is the body that enhances, promotes and protects the denomination and related brands.

Currently the Vermouth Consortium includes 23 members and is chaired by Roberto Bava.

The Vermouth di Torino production rulebook

Though Ministerial Decree No. 1826 of 22 March 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry approved the production rulebook of «Vermut di Torino»/Vermouth di Torino», which delimits the production area and sets the production and marketing requirements for the traditional Turin aperitif.