7 – The definition of aromas between legislation and jurisprudence

The definition of aromas between legislation and jurisprudence

- Lawyer Maria Mirella De Martiis

UGIVI – Law Firm Avv. De Martiis, Turin

In 2023, Vermouth di Torino was the protagonist of promotional events all over the world: educational, tastings and masterclasses were organized in Italy, Canada, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, Germany and Greece, with various communication actions on the international market, including through online and social channels.

This flavored wine is characterized by being created by the addition of a wine with aromatic and bittering substances strictly regulated by law, although their doses and percentages form the subject of recipes often jealously guarded by the producers.

For this reason, an in-depth analysis of the legal regulation of flavourings is useful, starting from the more general regulatory definition and then analysing the indications that each individual State has deemed appropriate to provide to operators in the sector to create uniform codes of conduct and to define criteria for use of marketing terms, among which the most emblematic is the concept of “natural” which has often led to disputes both in Europe and internationally.